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3433 S Campbell Ave
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Our Mission
To build self-esteem, self-confidence and everyday life skills, therefore enhancing the lives of children and adults with disabilities through education, sports competition and new opportunities.
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Champion Athletes of the Ozarks allows for our athletes to participate in special events with their peers in fun & exciting settings that may not normally be accessible.

The experiences and skills gained through Champion Athletes of the Ozarks are building the skills necessary for each of our athletes to progress towards normal living. These skills are a valuable resource, in everyday life each one of us must adapt to change, interruptions and upsets. Champion Athletes of the Ozarks teaches athletes to be flexible and to cope with the stress that changes can bring. Athletes must work with different authority figures, learn to accept a win as graciously as a defeat and to build on each other's successes.

Champion Athletes of the Ozarks...
  • is a local organization
  • benefits children and adults with disabilities in the Ozarks
  • is an athlete driven program
  • teaches athletes to adapt to change, cope with stress, work with different authority figures
  • teaches athletes to build on their individual successes
  • all programs are offered to our athletes at little or no cost

In order to participate in any Champion Athlete event, a medical release form and athlete release form MUST be on file with Champion Athletes.